Our key to affordable housing: climate-smart Multi-E-Homes.
Made in Germany

Multi-E-Homes - made in Germany

Affordable housing becomes a reality.

The perfect fit for singles, seniors, and students.

In Germany, the demand for housing outpaces supply, with a shortage of over 700,000 homes in the social housing sector. Rising construction costs, a shortage of skilled workers, and limited building materials worsen the situation.

We know a better way: KeyMulti - a barrier-free E-Home with 12 apartments spread over three floors, each 40 to 50 sqm, addressing the need for affordable housing. Ideal for singles, seniors, or students. For families, two apartments can easily be merged into one. All achieved with one house type.

This reduces costs while providing top-notch amenities and sustainability. All-inclusive. For your competitive edge in the market.

We build with sustainability in mind.

Living - achieved climate-neutral.

KeyMulti walls feature a wooden frame filled with eco-friendly insulation and weather-resistant facade panels, some equipped with solar panels. Wood's natural CO₂ absorption makes our product climate-neutral, aiming for a climate-positive overall impact.

As easy as life-size LEGO.

Build and move in.

All components arrive standardized, ready for on-site assembly. Bathrooms and kitchens are included and seamlessly integrated. Your KeyMulti is ready within days, and electronic keys are sent to you and your residents via smartphones. In the future, our homes will offer even more flexibility – they can be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere, like a LEGO kit.

Smart from the start.
Full control with Smart Home Management.
We outfit each KeyMulti with advanced, app-controlled technology for monitoring energy use, managing Smart Lock, Webcam, E-Car Charger, heating, and checking water and solar panel storage.

Electrifying for you and your residents.

Less energy, more yield.

KeyMulti runs entirely on electricity, including heating and hot water. With renewable sources as the future of electricity, it's an eco-friendly choice. Plus, pre-installed solar panels and an energy storage system make saving electricity easy, promoting sustainability. And we're always advancing our technology.

Faster finished with serial construction.

Produced almost as quickly as a car.
We produce a single KeyMulti-Home type using top-notch wood components. Standardized, not customized. This enables a streamlined serial production process, similar to an automobile assembly line. About six weeks after obtaining the building permit, you'll receive your finished KeyMulti, so your residents can move in quickly.

Efficiency from order to move-In.

Surprisingly easy to the finish line.

You provide the property, we take care of the rest. No need to deal with building permits – the KeyMulti meets all standards. After a brief production period, we deliver your complete Multi-Home with all smart and sustainable solutions.

For the mental measurement.

Important numbers and facts.

  • Ground Area: 18 m × 13 m = 234 sqm
  • Gross Total Area: 882 sqm
  • Total Living Area: 516 sqm
  • Building height: 12 m
  • 3 Residential Floors + Attic for Technology and Storage
  • 12 Apartments ranging from 38 to 48 sqm each (Can be combined into larger units as needed - easily adaptable in the planning)
  • No basement
  • Standard foundation (adjustable based on the property)
Everything included for affordable building and living.
Low costs for a Multi-E-Home

Realizing a KeyMulti is highly efficient. We build a single house type in a streamlined manner using established processes, ensuring speed and simplicity. The result is a smart, eco-friendly, and top-notch Multi-E-Home, all at an affordable price. Even the standard foundation is already included. Additional costs only arise if specific soil properties require individual extra work - for example, due to a level adjustment in the property's terrain or earthworks.

Contact us for a precise KeyMulti price quote.

Everything included for affordable building and living.
  • Smart Home Management
  • 100% sustainable, recyclable materials
  • Solar panels, energy storage, E-Car Charger
  • With kitchens, bathrooms, and an elevator

For residental parks full of diversity.

KeyMulti and KeySingle in close proximity.

Build a complete housing estate with KeyMultis and expand it using our KeySingle E-Homes. You can bring families together with singles or seniors, creating an intergenerational residential park with greater diversity of life.  Contact us for pricing and details.

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