Your very own E-Home. Climate-smart and affordable.
Made in Germany

Your E-Home - made in Germany.

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The dream of owning a house is simple: close your eyes, and it's done. However, reality often feels like stumbling in the dark - experts are scarce, materials are in short supply, costs seem overwhelming, and your move-in date keeps slipping away. Probably you imagine it differently.

That's why we've rethought the concept of single-family homes. As a product without long construction phases. With a KeySingle-Home, you can turn your dream of owning a house into a reality. Much faster and smarter, more sustainable, and affordable.

Sustainability from start to finish.

We build climate-neutral.

Our walls feature a wooden frame, eco-friendly insulation, and weather-resistant facade panels integrated with solar panels. Wood's natural CO₂ absorption makes our product climate-neutral, and we aim for a net-positive impact in construction.

Everything fits together.

Done in a jiffy.

All components come pre-fabricated, swiftly assembled on-site, just like life-sized LEGO bricks. It's also easy to lease the KeySingle and return it if needed. And if you decide to move, your house and foundation can move with you in the near future.

A new lifestyle full of ease.

Plenty of space to start and breathe.

Experience 150 sqm of roominess within a 10 x 9 m area, evoking a sense of openness. The design remains light and breezy, with sliding doors and walls that you can effortlessly shift, just like arranging room dividers.
Even in advance, it's a breeze. You won't need to fret over your kitchen – it comes as a complete module, much like the bathroom and flooring. This not only saves you stress but also cuts down on costs and the need for additional craftsmen.

Cutting-edge technologies for a smarter life.
Take control - with Smart Home Management.
Each KeySingle features advanced, app-controlled technology. Our Smart Home Management lets you monitor energy use, control the Smart Lock, Webcam, and E-Car Charger. You can regulate the temperature of your heating system, check the water storage, and view the storage levels of your solar panels.

The energy gain for your future.

Save energy with your E-Home.

We've invested a lot of energy upfront so that you'll consume less later on. Pre-installed solar panels and an energy storage system make saving electricity effortless. Everything is powered electrically - including the hot water supply and heating. A true E-Home indeed. it's all electric, in line with the future of renewable energy.

But there's even more potential - thanks to the rainwater tank. You can use it to water your garden or flush the toilet through the integrated system. And to keep you at the forefront of sustainability, we continuously develop all solutions.

Produced almost as fast as a car.

Serial construction for faster production.
One model - that's it. Crafted from high-quality wood elements. Standardized rather than customized. Realized by serial production, where we shift the construction site into the factory. Everything runs highly automated and integrated, much like a car rolling off an assembly line. With your building permit in your hand, your new home is just a short wait away.

A collaboration where joy moves in.

Initiate the order, sit back, receive the key.

You secure the property; we handle the rest. With a single house type, decision-making is streamlined. Forget all building permit worries; KeySingle meets all standards, and we can confirm individually. And in a few weeks, your fully-equipped, smart, and sustainable home is ready.

For measuring in the mind.

Key facts and figures.

  • Floor area: 10 m × 9 m = 90 m²
  • Total gross floor area: 240 m²
  • Total living area: 180 m² + 60 m² storage in the attic
  • Building height: 9 m
  • 2 living floors + attic for storage (converted)
An affordable price that includes everything.
Costs reduced to a minimum - how does that work?

We offer a single house type in series, streamlining the process for speed and simplicity.  The result: a smart, sustainable, and high-quality KeySingle at an affordable price.

Even the standard foundation is already included. Additional costs only arise if specific soil properties require individual extra work - for example, due to a level adjustment in the property's terrain or earthworks.

For pricing details, just ask us.

An affordable price that includes everything.
  • Smart Home Management
  • 100% recyclable
  • Solar panels, energy storage, E-Car Charger
  • Including kitchen, bathroom, floors, connections

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